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Carriage House Door

Designers have long had to treat garage doors as a necessary interruption to their vision, where they must bend in response to the necessary practicalities of the modern world. But at Carriage House Door, we take a different view entirely—garage doors are an opportunity to create a centerpiece that embodies and exemplifies the architectural stylings and natural beauty of a home.
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For 20 years, Carriage House Door has upheld a tradition for handcrafting unique door designs of the highest quality from only the most select materials. Our story started on the West Coast in 1999 in our original facility, located in Sacramento, California. As word spread about the quality of our products, our dedication to excellence, and our ability to rise to any challenge, our company grew and expanded with the opening of our Old Fort, North Carolina facility in 2006.

Over the years, our craftsmen have developed a unique depth of understanding of the characteristics and inherent architectural potential of a variety of woods, metals, and composite materials. This knowledge has allowed us to create truly unique doors not found anywhere else and can stand the tests of time. Our experience in a diverse range of installation environments ensures the greatest possible performance of every Carriage House Door design.

No one has more experience and expertise than Carriage House Door when it comes to crafting the highest possible quality garage doors, shutters, and drive and walkway gates. More importantly, we ensure that our craftsmen complete every project the correct way, exceeding the expectations of our clients. What started as a passion for crafting beautiful garage doors has become an obsession for delivering on the dreams of designers, architects, builders, and homeowners around the world.