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Garage Door Security Tips

A large structure like a garage door can be dangerous if it is not taken care of correctly or if there are no safety measures in place. You want your garage to be a safe location for your family and for you and this can mean taking a bit of time to learn about the options that are out there for security. Here are some tips that providers of garage door replacements in Fruita, CO wants you to know about.


One thing that you can quickly do is to remove the garage door opener from your car. People tend to keep it there because it is convenient, but it can actually be a security risk. Some people forget to lock their car doors and this can be an issue since anyone who wants to will be able to gain access to your home. You can also run the risk of dropping the opener, and this can be another security problem. A good solution for this is to integrate an app on your phone with the garage door. This can allow you to open the door remotely but without running the risk of someone getting access to the opener.


Have bright lights installed that are motion activated. This can alert you if there is someone near the garage as you get out of your car. It is a great way of deterring people and it can end up protecting you at night. You can also prevent anyone from sneaking into the garage as the door closes since the light will turn on and warn you that there is someone near.


Frosted glass can be a great option. If your garage has glass panels and you want to ensure that you are safe, you may want to consider replacing them with frosted panes. Many times, robberies occur because there is an opportunity. If people cannot look into the garage, they will not know if it is empty and so they may be deterred from trying to do this. A simple step like that can prevent lots of issues, so it is something that you definitely want to keep in mind as you consider garage security tips.

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As you start thinking about garage door security, you will want to keep all of these things in mind. It is important to consider the garage door opener you have and whether it is something that is secure. If possible, consider using an app on your phone instead of an opener, because you can lose the opener. You also want to install bright lights that are motion activated and you want to consider having frosted glass installed on the windows if you have them. If you want to learn more about garage door security, you will want to reach out to a Fruita, CO garage door replacement expert like us at Quality Garage Doors. We have years of experience and we can help you with the security of your garage door. Give us a call right now to learn more about all of this.

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