What we offer

Alpine Glass also offers Mirrors throughout the greater Western Slope of Colorado. Alpine Glass can fabricate almost any mirror you can think of, from small to large. Square to round.

Useful Design Tips:

Large mirrors are great for for large and small bathrooms. If you hang a large mirror in a smaller bathroom or space, you will notice that it will open up the space and make it look larger and sunnier. It can be a very easy way to make your space feel bigger.

Have you ever wondered why you look better in your favorite designer boutique's mirror or the mirror at the gym? This is because these places use an ultra clear mirror; the glass used in this type contains less iron content, which eliminates the common "green tint." The result is a true, unhindered reflection, unsurpassed in quality and presentation, we can install one for your home too.

Bathroom Mirrors:

  • Frameless Mirrors are typically installed directly onto the wall.
  • All of our mirrors are "cut to fit," so you can be as creative as you would like with your space.
  • You can cover an entire wall for a gym.
  • It's appealing to use the largest size mirrors for a seamless look if you can fit them thru doors, windows or up stairwells.
  • We can also create many different framed mirror options.
  • Decorative edges, such as a beveled edge, are also available.


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