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Our Service Includes:

  • Replacement Windows and Doors Installation
  • Replacement Windows and Doors Maintenance
  • Replacement Windows and Doors Repair

We offer a variety of window types to suit all of your needs, including casement, double pane, energy-efficient, single pane, skylights, sliding, storm, and triple pane.

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Customer Testimonials

Are your windows and doors not performing as well as they used too? If so, it may be time for a detailed inspection to look for signs of age, wear or damage. The endless cycle of summer heat followed by winter cold can cause frames and casings to expand and contract. This expansion leads to warping, damaged seals, material stress, and structural weakness, causing windows and doors to lose the integrity of their fit and purpose. All of these outcomes result in poor home security and poor energy efficiency. If this describes your home’s situation, installing replacement windows and doors in Fruita, CO may be the smartest home or building improvement project you can do this year.

Why Install Replacement Windows and Doors in Fruita, CO?

In the last few decades, window and door technology have progressed by leaps and bounds. As technical understanding and industrial processes have advanced, window and door manufacturing has evolved in innovative ways that help home and business owners to more easily manage their property and budgets. Here are five quick benefits of upgrading to modern windows and doors:

1. Gains in Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of newer windows and doors is dramatically superior to prior product generations. This feature alone is a great benefit to homeowners. When your home can better maintain its internal climate control without needing to fire up the heating and cooling system constantly, the required energy to heat or cool your home will decrease by appreciable amounts. That’s good for you, and the environment too.

2. Financial Savings

In our experience, when homeowners upgrade their windows and doors, they immediately begin to experience monthly savings on their energy bills. We have yet to hear any of our customers complain about keeping more of their hard-earned dollars in their wallets! When you install contemporary replacement windows and doors in Fruita, CO you will begin to save a bundle of money on monthly utility bills. In the long run, you will also minimize wear and tear on your heating and cooling system, which will save you even more money in maintenance and repair costs.

3. Better Safety and Security

Worn or outdated windows and doors can be a safety and security hazard. Would be thieves know this and will seek out homes with weak points of entry that they can exploit. Current window and door technology often comes standard with improved security measures, such as tamper proof locking hardware that makes it difficult to jimmy a window open from the outside. At the same time, in the event of an emergency situation such as a fire, contemporary window hardware is easily opened from the inside to allow quick escape.

Another great security feature of modern windows is the option to install laminated glass. Glass can be interlaid with a laminate that prevents an intentionally shattered window from crumbling to the ground. It does this by holding the damaged glass together in its frame. Even in its broken condition, the window is still a barrier to entry, repelling home invaders and burglars. Although it isn’t guaranteed they won’t get access; it sure does make it harder to do.

4. Customization and Personal Style

In recent years, the ability to custom build your windows and doors has become much more affordable. Customization allows you almost complete control of the look and feel of your window. Options can include a choice of material, frame color, glass quality, insulation properties, design features, style preferences, etc. You can also custom create windows and doors that meet exact size specifications for regular and odd sizes and shapes. Your home or office building will be noticeably unique when you personalize the aesthetic look that craft made windows and doors will bring.

5. Elevate Your Quality of Life

When it comes to creating a comfortable living or workspace, upgrading your doors and windows may not seem like the obvious place to start. But these portals allow light and access into our homes and offices. We interact with them so much on a daily basis that it’s important that they function properly. They help protect us from the elements and unwanted intruders, safeguard our families and belongings, and help us maintain a comfortable place where we can thrive.

It’s always a good idea to work with a company that is well seasoned and experienced with building and installing windows and doors. Alpine Glass has been helping our community and neighbors with replacement windows and doors in Fruita, CO for 25 years. We know what works well in this climate, and perhaps more importantly, we know what doesn’t. If you’re in the market for home or building improvements, contact our pro team here at Alpine Glass. We are located at 573 W Crete Cir Unit 201, Grand Junction, CO 81505. For a free in-home consultation, you can reach us at (970) 245-0399. We’re here to help.


Replacement Windows and Doors FAQs


  1. What are the four advantages of bay windows in the house?
    • Probably the most obvious of benefits is how beautiful bay windows are. They can add a classic look to any property, and can be made in all manner of different materials so that you can get exactly the style you want. Bay windows also allow in tremendous amounts of light. If you want to have as much natural light as possible in a kitchen, for example, choosing a bay window is probably the best option. Read more.
  2. How do you know when it’s time to replace windows?
    • 4 Signs to know that you need to replace your windows
      • If the window has become much more difficult to open or close, this can definitely mean a replacement is necessary. 
      • If the windows are damaged. Lots of times, the damage is actually visible. If there are cracks, splinters, or dents, you will want to replace the entire thing.
      • Water damage is also something that you want to keep an eye out for. Rot and mold can build up in the window, especially if it is made of wood. 
      • Keep an eye on your energy bill. Windows that are not in their best condition tend to allow hot or cold air in, which, in turn, force your heating and cooling units to have to work harder.
  3. How to find the right replacement window company?
    • Finding the Right Replacement Window Company
      • One of the first things to look for is if the window company has insurance. You never want to hire anyone to work on your home without insurance and licenses that are valid.
      • Something else to look for is a company that has experience with all manner of window installations. Most companies these days have websites that make this very easy to do.   
      • Be sure that they can also offer the kind of services that you need. Not all companies provide the same materials or even the same kind of windows.
      • Ask for references, as well. You do not want to hire people who cannot offer some references, since this can mean that they either do not have experience or that they have not done quality work. Read more.