For over 26 years of experience, Alpine Glass & Quality Garage Doors has been the leading supplier and installer of high-quality replacement windows and doors in Grand Junction, CO. Our dedication to quality has made us the premier choice for both builders and residential customers. 

Our Service Includes:

  • Replacement Windows and Doors Installation
  • Replacement Windows and Doors Maintenance
  • Replacement Windows and Doors Repair

Our Service Includes:

  • Over 26 years of service.
  • Access to all Major Suppliers!
  • We offer a variety of choices to match any décor.

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Customer Testimonials

The constant exposure to the sun and weather, the cyclical changes of the seasons, and the endless march of time passing all contribute to the age and condition of your windows and doors. Eventually, these aged and worn out products become necessary to update. The good news is that the quality of replacement windows and doors in Grand Junction, CO has never been better.

In recent decades, window and door manufacturing processes and fabrication techniques have advanced rapidly. These changes have resulted in products that are far better than those made with prior technology. Here are 4 of the current advantages that you will enjoy when you upgrade to the latest generation of doors and windows:

1. Enhanced Safety and Security Features

At Alpine Glass, we take home and office safety seriously. That’s why all of our products feature locking hardware systems that have been tested against the industry’s highest security standards. From the inside, these locking systems are intuitive and easy to understand how they work. These locking features make everyday use convenient and accessible. User-friendly lock systems are also important when an emergency situation arises, such as a fire or gas leak. In a high-stress situation, the last thing people need to take time to think about is how to open a window!

From the outside, would be burglars and thieves will find it very difficult to jimmy open any of our modern windows. If forcible entry into your home or office is a concern, we offer glass options that have been interlaid with laminate. This safety feature prevents shattered glass from collapsing to the floor. Even though the broken glass will need to be replaced, it will remain intact as a barrier, keeping unwanted intruders from entering your property.

2. Superior Energy Efficiency

These days, windows and doors have been engineered to maximize their insulating capability. For example, vinyl windows often use a chamber type design in their frames. This technology creates a buffer between the inside and outside climate, making it much easier to maintain a consistent temperature inside your home or office building. Furthermore, glass is commonly overlaid with a low-E coating that repels more than 80% of incoming UV rays from the sun. This coating effectively reduces incoming heat and sun damage to your furniture and carpets but does not reduce natural light from brightening your space.

3. Lower Utility and Maintenance Costs

When you install replacement windows and doors in Grand Junction, CO, the amount of energy your home or office needs to consume to maintain a comfortable temperature is significantly reduced. This energy savings alone will save you an appreciable amount of money. You’ll notice the savings right away in your lower monthly utility bills. On top of this, by decreasing the workload on your heating and cooling system itself, you will reduce the wear and tear it experiences as it performs its daily job of managing your internal climate. In the long run, this too will save you money by minimizing the maintenance and repair costs of your HVAC system.

4. Craft Made to Match Your Style

The options to customize your window and door products has never been better. You can create seemingly endless personalized customizations, subject only to your imagination. Everything including the design, style, material, frame color, glass quality, insulation ability, size, and shape can be craft built to your exact specifications. And we can help you do it.

If you don’t necessarily need custom work for every single window and door that you upgrade, our stock window and door inventory is quite diverse as well. These affordable products will help you keep replacement costs down and allow you to customize only those windows and doors that are intended as more decorative, unique, yet functional showpieces.

Schedule a Consultation for Replacement Windows and Doors in Grand Junction, CO

If you’re thinking about updating your doors and windows with the latest the industry has to offer, our professional staff are some of the most qualified experts in the business. We provide our community with a no cost, no obligation consultation to review the current condition of your existing windows and doors with you. We will assess whether or not it’s the right time to replace them or if perhaps they need some maintenance to extend their useful life.

All of us here at Alpine Glass live and work here in western Colorado. We know which products work well in our climate and which products don’t. If you’re in the market for replacement windows and doors in Grand Junction, CO, then keep us in mind. We are always ready to help our friends and neighbors in the community with their questions. Our showroom and offices are located at Alpine Glass, 573 W Crete Cir Unit 201, Grand Junction CO 81505. We can be reached at (970) 245-0399. Call or see us today!


Replacement Windows and Doors FAQs


  1. What are the Benefits of Adding More Windows to Your Home?
    • Having the right number of windows in your home can be something that many people do not consider, but it can actually make a difference in the way your house functions. 
      • The most obvious benefit that more windows can offer is added light. 
      • Another reason to choose to add more windows to your home is better air flow. 
      • Something else that you need to consider when thinking of adding windows to your home is that they can add beauty to any room, hiking up the value of the property.
  2. Is it better to repair or replace Windows?
    • How do you know which is the right choice? Grand Junction replacement window companies can help with a few tips.
      • When deciding whether to repair or replace your property’s windows, you need to take careful stock of the damage. 
      • If you notice warping in the windows, you will most likely need a complete replacement. In these cases, repairs are not the best choice and might end up costing you more than a complete overhaul.   
      • The age of the windows is something that you also want to consider. If they are a substantial amount of years old, all you will be really doing is patching up the damage when you repair them. To avoid spending even more money each time something gets damaged, it is wiser to purchase replacement windows.
      • Of course, you should consider whether the damage is structural or cosmetic. Structural damage is where the problems can really stack up and can end up costing you more money than you would spend on new windows
  3. What materials should you consider when choosing garage door replacements?
    • Here are the materials that you want to consider choosing garage door replacements:
      • Wood – is the classic material and for many people it can be exactly the right option. 
      • Fiberglass – is an option that is becoming much more popular these days. Fiberglass also comes in lots of options and tends to be much sturdier than other materials.
      • Steel – Many people choose steel garage door replacements because they can offer the kind of sturdy security they want. These doors are a bit more expensive, so you do want to budget for them if they are the option you want.