We’re no strangers to summer sun and winter snow here in western Colorado. Here at Alpine Glass, we’ve been helping folks upgrade their windows and doors since 1994. With decades of experience now, we know which products work well in all four seasons. In our semi-dry climate, it’s important to share this knowledge with our community of friends and neighbors because it can impact the quality of living in a high desert area. If you’re contemplating to invest in replacement windows and doors in Orchard Mesa, CO, here are five good reasons to do it:

1. Save Money

It’s never out of style to keep more of your cash in your wallet. When you invest in modern windows and doors, you will notice quite a reduction in monthly utility costs. It takes a lot less energy to maintain your preferred internal climate, saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. Another way you’ll save money is by decreasing the amount of work that your heating and cooling system perform to manage a comfortable temperature. This energy reduction will reduce the long-term maintenance and repair costs associated with your HVAC system.

2. Efficient Energy Use

Regarding efficiency, modern windows and doors have improved dramatically in recent decades. Windows are engineered to maximize their ability to insulate a home or business from the outside elements. Multi-pane windows provide additional insulating power. The space between panes is filled with argon gas, which buffers the impact of outdoor climate against the internal temperature of your home.

In recent years, windows come standard with a low-E glass surface coating. This coating helps deflect UV rays from the sun by more than 80%. Homeowners love this technology because it acts as a sunscreen of sorts, by protecting your furniture and carpets from sun fade and damage. However, it does not reduce natural light from entering and brightening your space. The low-E surface coating also repels excessive solar heat from passing through your window glass, helping you further maintain internal climate control.

Modern windows and doors that are properly installed and maintained can have a dramatic effect on the amount of energy required to maintain the internal climate of a home or office building. Investing in replacement windows and doors in Orchard Mesa, CO is also an earth-friendly way to help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. In an increasingly polluted and energy-hungry world, all of us are looking for ways to reduce our impact on mother nature. These home renovations are a great way to do your part.

3. Home and Office Safety and Security

Alpine Glass takes the safety and security of our customers seriously. That’s why all of our doors and windows come with cutting edge locking hardware systems. Our locking systems are designed to be intuitive and easy to use on the inside, but exceptionally difficult to jimmy open from the outside. We also offer optional glass upgrades that include interlaid laminate. This makes glass a formidable barrier to entry by preventing intruders from simply smashing through a tempered glass window and waltzing into your home or office space. Laminate does this by maintaining shattered glass in its form and frame. Although it is broken and will need to be replaced, it will not fall to the ground and grant easy access to would be thieves.

4. Custom Made Options

In recent years, the options to craft build your windows and doors to exact specifications has become much more financially reasonable. Home and building owners can now choose the design, style, material, color, glass-quality, insulation value, shape, and size of their windows and doors. Our customers appreciate that we can offer them almost full creative control. Not to worry though, our expert engineers and glaziers will help make sure every custom window meets all modern fabrication and quality standards.

Schedule a Consultation for Replacement Windows and Doors in Orchard Mesa, CO

Our pro staff are some of the most qualified experts in western Colorado. We’ve been making and installing windows and doors for almost 25 years now. We are proud of the work we’ve done over the years, and hope to continue for many more. If you’re considering to buy and install replacement windows and doors in Orchard Mesa, CO, we are offering our friends and neighbors in the community a cost free consultation of your existing windows and doors. You can call us and schedule a convenient time for one of our specialists to visit your home or office space. There is no pressure or obligation to have a conversation with us. We’ll let you know if you’re a good candidate for new windows and doors. Alpine Glass is located at 573 W Crete Cir Unit 201, Grand Junction, CO 81505. You can reach us at (970) 245-0399.

Replacement Windows Mesa FAQs

How to replace window casing?

Cut thru any paint or caulk between the internal casing and the wall using a utility knife. To remove the casing, use a flat pry bar and a scrap piece of wood. Remove the screws with slip-joint pliers if you plan to use the casing.

How to replace window balance?

The balancer is a component that keeps the window vent from closing by supporting it. To replace the constant force balance, do the following: Remove the sash first. Guide the shoe up the jammed track by unlocking it. Replace the old balance with a new one that has the same tension as the old one.

How to replace aluminum windows?

The first solution is to extract and discard the old aluminum window frames. Because they are merely screwed into the window face, the framing for these is generally quite leaky when it comes to air pressure. Screws go through the window jam and into the framework of your home or workplace to keep them in place.

How to replace broken window glass?

Remove the broken glass from the window with care. Even if the window is completely smashed, the remaining pieces will be simple to remove. Scrape out the putty or heat the old glazing compound to loosen the broken glass if the glass is simply cracked. To ready the window for re-glazing, clean the frame.