If you’ve noticed that your existing windows and doors are showing signs of age and are not performing very well, perhaps it’s time to update them with the latest products that the industry has to offer. Over time, windows and doors are beat down by the harsh summer sun and bitter winter cold. Eventually, this constant exposure to the elements will cause even the best window and doors to wear out. But this is not the only reason to upgrade. Here are four more reasons why people choose to install replacement windows and doors in Redlands, CO:

1. Enhanced Security

In today’s world, home and building owners need their doors to provide easy access without compromising security and safety. Windows also need to be readily usable without allowing unwanted access from the outside. That’s why the industry has developed hardware locking systems that are intuitive to use when you need to open a window, yet are extremely secure when you close and lock up. Would be thieves are repelled by the newer window and door hardware because it is difficult to gain access against the newer technology.

Another optional security feature that home and building owners like is glass laminate technology. Laminate is a see-through membrane that is interlaid between two pieces of glass. If an intruder tries to break the laminate window to access your home or office, they will find it difficult to get through the membrane. Although the glass itself will break and shatter, it will not fall to the ground. Instead, it will maintain its form and fit in the window frame, acting as a security barrier and preventing entry.

2. Decreased Energy Use

Windows and doors that are not performing their jobs well are often of poor quality or have lost the efficacy of their seal against the outside elements. These problems lead to air drafts, water leaks, and poor energy efficiency. It can be frustrating to need to micromanage the indoor climate and maintenance of your living or work space simply because of the poor window and door products. When correctly installed, new doors and windows will considerably improve the efficiency of your home or office and prevent these headaches.

Improved energy efficient homes and office buildings are also good for the environment. The less energy we need to consume to heat and cool our spaces, the more we reduce our carbon footprint and the environmental impact we have on Mother Nature.

3. Keep More of Your Own Money

You spend a lot of money heating and cooling your home or building throughout the year. If your existing windows and doors are underperforming due to issues of quality, age, or condition, you are likely spending too much money on utilities each month. This increase in cost is because your HVAC system is trying to overcome the inefficiency of these products. By installing new replacement windows and doors in Redlands, CO, you will notice a significant reduction in your utility bills.

In the long term, you will also save money by decreasing the workload on your heating and cooling system, which will result in reduced maintenance and repair costs. Do yourself a favor, and keep more of your own money in your wallet. You’ll be glad you did.

4. Improved Aesthetics and Property Value

In recent decades, it has become very affordable to craft build your windows and doors. This affordability allows customers to design the ideal look and feel of their home, one that matches their personal style and preferences. Of course, when done well these unique window and door products will only add to the curb appeal of your home. This exterior improvement can boost the saleable nature of your home should that day ever come. People recognize the value of quality windows and doors when shopping for a home, and will often pay more for a distinctive property.

At Alpine Glass, our engineers and expert glaziers are very capable of helping you maintain the quality of any window and door products that you would like to customize. We can guide you through the process and help you avoid common pitfalls.

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